Janric Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions for work we undertake

1) The client agrees to allow Janric to register and renew the registration of the domain name(s) on its behalf until further notice, or to maintain the registration themselves.

2) Changes to the website beyond the essential maintenance and agreed work may incur additional fees.

3) No liability for loss or damage will be accepted for errors or omissions on the website. It is the responsibility of the client to check each page and confirm the validity of all entries.

4) All original work remains copyright and intellectual property of Janric.

5) On the first anniversary of the publication of the website and annually thereafter, the client becomes liable for maintenance and hosting fees at the published rate.

6) On the expiration of the URL registration, the client becomes liable for URL renewal at the published rate. This must be paid at least 6 weeks in advance of the renewal date to ensure continuity of the URL name. Janric are not responsible for loss of URL name if payment from client is not received in sufficient time.

7) Renewal and maintenance and hosting fees are not refundable in part or full once accepted by Janric.

8) Renewal and hosting involve the services of third parties. As such, Janric cannot accept liability to maintain web page availability 100% of the time.

9) Acceptance of business and hosting of the web site is at the discretion of Janric. Janric reserve the right to refuse to accept or continue to support any web sites for businesses deemed inappropriate.

10) You confirm you are authorised to publish the contact details and images provided to Janric and have identified any contact details not for publication. You have given your permission for Janric to use any work or images supplied by you.

11) Total liability of Janric to the client is limited to fees paid by the client, less costs paid.

12) Janric will use the supplied email address or mailing address for mailing of invoices and offers of possible interest to the client.

13) Janric reserve the right to withdraw the website and to post a page detailing the withdrawal of the page in case of failure to pay balance of payment within 30 days of the date of this invoice, or failure to pay further year’s hosting fees by the anniversary date indicated in relevant invoices.

14) Janric will set up email or email forwarding with a third party as detailed in the invoice, but are not responsible for any loss of email.

15) The customer undertakes to make payment of the invoice within 10 working days of receipt via email, unless other terms have been agreed, prior to commencement of work.

16) Once instructed to undertake work, the customer is liable for the entire invoice amount, even if work is later cancelled for any reason.

17) If the client decides to or has already registered the own URL, they may either hand administration of the URL to Janric, under which circumstances the appropriate terms apply, else they can maintain administrative rights themselves and become solely responsible for domain name renewal.

18) All images sourced by Janric will be through authorised and respectable stock photo selling systems, such as, but not limited to, iStockPhoto.com.

19) Janric will always register domain names in the name of the client for which they are bought, for the client's protection.
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