Mobile Phone Applications

In late 2010 we started looking at the power of the mobile phone application (mobile app) and since then that potential market has really excited us.

Mobile Apps are a great leap forward and many businesses are yet to realise the potential of the power of the mobile phone in a customer's pocket.

Many people ask, why not just a website? But a mobile app gives you so much more. Opening an app is so much easier than navigating to a bookmark, and the launch icon is always there, on your phone, to remind you it exists. New updates to the app bring reminders to update, which also act as reminders to use the app, whilst features such as push notifications keep you in your customers' minds.

We currently develop mobile apps for customers on Apple products (also known as IOS, which included iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) as well as Android, with Blackberry Apps being just around the corner.

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