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What is hosting, why is it needed?

For our customers we will take care of website hosting as part of the website build process. We pay fees each year to Fasthosts to enable us to resell some of their web hosting space.

Web hosting is basically arranging for a company to make your site availabel on the internet. Copies of the files that make up your site need to be stored on a computer that has fast access to the internet. Hosts will also have the computers well backed up, not only by backing up the files, but also by having several internet connections in case one fails.

Future customers do not need to set up or pay for any hosting - we will take care of that for you. Here are links to some more popular UK web Hosts.

  • UK Host4U
  • UK2.Net
  • IBG Hosting
  • 1and1
  • Run You PB Southport Dance Academy Poppy Maya Academy
    Formby Golf Centre Alison Paul Designs
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