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If you want to be able to change the content of your website, then you need some sort of CMS. Below are examples of current customers and how they are updating their site.

CMS Webdesign can be very easy. We can give you a very simple CMS for your website, customised to your exact requirements.

E-Commerce CMS is used when you have a shop and want to maintain your catalogue of products. Some site use our simple e-commerce CMS on their website to maintain their products. Not only can they add products, but they can also add new categories at will.

Events CMS is useful for when you website is listing events and you want to keep the list up to date. An example of this is Gospel Manna who use this in a couple of places to good effect.

Content CMS if you want to update text on various pages, then this is the one for you. Again, Gospel Manna use this on a variety of pages to update their text and information.

Diary CMS is a system you can use to update and maintain a diary to keep in contact with customers, friends and relatives. Finca La Mariposa use the diary CMS to good effect, including loading pictures in various entries. Used frequently, this system can keep the content of the website fresh and the search engines interested.

News CMS again is another way of keeping visitors and search engines interested. Various sites use this system for their news to keep customers updated with latest movements.

Booking CMS is useful for holiday accommodation and allows you to update and maintain a calendar of availability. Accommodation 4 You used this system to maintain a list of when the apartment is booked or available. This allows potential customers to see immediately whether their chosen dates are available or not.

Products CMS allows you to maintain a catalogue of products, if maybe you don't want a full e-commerce website. Gesbur Studios use this to display galleries of their artwork for sale. But as these are not for sale on the website, just an image loading system is sufficient.

Properties CMS is for sites such as estate agents and letting agents. Purple Lettings use this to maintain the list of properties they have available to rent and can load an updated list at will. This is an excellent way of making sure that the list of properties is accurately shown.

Latest Offers CMS is great when you want to display offers and maybe aren't an e-commerce site. This is good for sites such as Billington Travel, who trade by visitors to the shop and phone calls. It can include a small panel of offers, either on every page or just the home page, with full offers on a special offers page.
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