Internet Marketing

How Janric Can Help You Build Traffic To Your Website.

Internet Marketing, starts with Website design. Without a website, it is very hard to market your business on the internet! If you haven't already sorted out a website, view our Webdesign prices page and then give us a call or drop an email with your requirements.

Search engine optimisation is usually the next stage to consider. All of our websites are built with basic optimisation in mind, but a total optimisation package includes not only code changes, but a links building package. This builds your site's popularity with the search engines.

Search engine optimisation for non customers is also possible. We can review your site and suggest changes and help you put these in. This can be as little as suggesting changes to the home pages to a full review of the entire site and starting a link building scheme.

Google Adwords is a good tool if your site is new or in a competitive market and you are keen to get traffic quickly. We can set up and run a campaign for you, or help you to set up a campaign that you can run. As always with Janric, it's whatever makes the customer happy!

Marketing your website doesn't just have to be about on-line activities. Leaflets, building customer loyalty through promotional items and advertising are all part of the tools available. Ask us if you need any further advice.

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